Meal Planning on a Budget

When the hubs and I first got married 2 1/2 years ago I couldn't cook, like at all. 
I had no idea how to cook anything let alone anything healthy. 
I remember going to the grocery store without a list and spending way more than I ever wanted to. 
I had no idea what I was doing. I bought boxed food and processed stuff like that was the only way to make dinners. Plus, we ate out a lot and I wasited about 50% of our groceries every week. 

Meal Planning book from May Designs

When I started this journey I wanted to lose weight on a budget. Chris and I were newly weds and we both didn't really know what a budget was. We learned quickly and I decided I was going to spend 80 to 90 dollars per week for the two of us. I knew healthy foods would cost more but I also knew they were how I was going to lose the weight. 

a few things aren't pictured here. I spend $85 in groceries this week. 

From then on I started meal planning each week which helped me stay with my budget. I make a list of the groceries I needed. It was so much easier this way. 
Now that I'm eating more clean I typically spend a little more on groceries. I spend about 90 dollars per week. Which doesn't bother me. We don't eat out but maybe once a week and we usually eat everything before it goes bad. 

Meal planning can be done with a budget if you stick to it. 
Here's some of my tips to help stay on track with meal planning on a budget.

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  1. Great tips, Love the meal planning book. Super cute.